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Jeff Simpkins


Jeff Simpkins

S/Sgt Jeff Simpkins has been with the Ontario Provincial Police for 32 years. He has worked front-line policing, Northwest Patrol Unit  and Forensic Identification as a constable. As a Sergeant he had a variety of assignments including Forensic Identification, front-line shift supervisor, telecommunications supervisor, academy instructor and Provincial coordinator in the Indigenous Policing Bureau. As a Staff Sergeant he is the Operations Manager in Community Safety Services.

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity for a number of specialty assignments. He was selected a running supervisor for the 2010 Olympic Torch relay and traveled with the Olympic torch across Canada as a lead up to the Olympics. The 1 and ½ years prior to the relay he worked with the Vancouver Olympic committee to select and designate the running routes for the various communities in Ontario.

In 2013 he spent the entire year in Afghanistan working with the European Union Policing mission training Afghan police officers and mentoring the director of the National Forensic lab.