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Who We Are

The Canadian Police Chaplain Association CPCA is an ecumenical, Interfaith organization that supports police chaplains and law enforcement services throughout Canada. It provides educational opportunities in annual training seminars. Members offer support and training to new chaplains through personal contact and mentoring. CPCA helps   share information on law enforcement chaplaincy.
Experienced assistance is given to law enforcement services seeking information on chaplaincy, or starting a chaplaincy programme. It offers experience to police services in helping their chaplain programme to grow.

Our Purpose Statement

“Serving those who serve with excellence.”

Our Mission

  • To serve police chaplains across Canada
  • To establish and maintain standards for Canadian police chaplains
  • To equip police chaplains though providing high quality police chaplain training
  • To promote chaplaincy programmes in Canadian police services across Canada
  • To maintain a strong partner relationship with the International Conference of Police Chaplains for the purpose of promoting international police chaplaincy

What We Do

  • Advise police officers, police families, civilian police service employees
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Provide or assist in services appropriate to different faith traditions
  • Educate in ethics, family life, stress management, addictions, etc.
  • Provide sacramental services
  • Visit sick and injured police officers and family members
  • Crisis response and debriefing
  • Assist in suicide incidents
  • Death notification
  • Victim assistance
  • Hostage negotiations
  • Liaison with other faiths and clergy
  • Advise police services leadership on morale and personnel spiritual well being
  • Offer prayers at ceremonial functions

Our Beginning – CPCA History

In 1983 the Ontario Police Chaplain Association was formed. 
In 1992 the OPCA became a national organization of police chaplains called the Canadian Police Chaplain Association
The first CPCA Annual Training Seminar (ATS) was held at Ontario Police College in Alymer, Ontario.
Annual Training Seminars have been held each year in three regions, Western, Central, and Eastern every year since the organization began providing police chaplain focused training for chaplains across Canada.